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There’s value in the fairness of a deal


Sometimes deals we make are simple. We’re selling a known quantity. The customer understands exactly what they are getting and what it’s worth in exchange. There is competition so market value is easily assessed. A car, or an Apple product for example.

But sometimes things aren’t as clear. We’re selling something bespoke, something that hasn’t been done quite this way before. Perhaps neither party knows exactly what the end result will be yet. Perhaps the seller knows more about the domain than the buyer.

If we’re the seller we can skew the deal our way a little (or a lot), taking more than we deserve or sneaking certain details under the rug. Lying by omission might be OK by the contract.

But unfair deals carry a price.

  • Trust.
  • Reputation.
  • Conscience.
  • Time spent recovering from misaligned expectations.

The reverse is also true. There is value in going the extra mile to make sure the customer understands, to make sure we’ve asked the right questions, and put forward all risks. To discuss the deal openly and honestly (and to call it off if it’s not a good fit).

Perhaps the pay off is gratitude, perhaps a referral for more work. Or perhaps this is our point of difference in a market that desperately needs it. Perhaps this in itself is worth the money otherwise made in less defensible ways.

Thoughts on quality & productivity, in and out of the office.

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